1nk Custom Order Sheets and Sheet Sets


For Custom Designed Sheets and Sheet Sets, please E-mail me at info@inkandrags.com or Message me on Facebook BEFORE ORDERING so we can discuss your design needs to insure that it is something we are able to create for you.  Custom Design Charges run $0 - $169 per hour depending on the complexity of the artwork you are requesting.

The Dye process we use to make all of our products is a VERY expensive one, it is 100% color fast, machine washable, durable, bright, vivid, and completely soft to the touch. 

Because Flat and Fitted Sheets require such large pieces of fabric to make, sheets are cost prohibitive for me to make and sell at a reasonable price.  This is the primary reason you are not seeing sheets as a standard offering on my website. 

HOWEVER, it you have to have them, it can be done.  Feel free to select the size and set you want from the Drop Down Menu for pricing, and I am happy to custom make sheets in any design from my site for you.

Sheets are Custom Order, and non Refundable.

Our fitted sheets are made for mattress heights from 14 to 18 inches. 

For a Custom Design Sheet Set, please contact me at info@inkandrags.com or Message Us on Facebook prior to ordering so we can discuss the design with you to insure that it is something we are able to create for you.