What to Expect

The Process

Everything from our shop is Hand Made and Hand Dyed to Order.  We don't use any pre-printed or store bought fabrics.  Each and every order is made from unique graphics specifically and carefully selected to work perfectly with the beautiful fabrics we hand select for the process.  

The process we use does not apply anything to the top of the fabric like iron-ons or screen printing, which are both stiff to the touch, and fade, crack and peel over time. We use specially formulated dye and just the right recipe of time and temperature to dye the actual fibers of the fabric. This process gives us deep saturated color that won't fade or bleed and feels completely soft to the touch.

The Fabric

We don't buy pre-printed fabric, EVER!  All of our fabric is purchased blank, in bulk kits, and each and every piece is hand dyed one at a time with the graphics and colors of your choice.  For this reason we select fabrics that are not only soft and durable but also compliment the dye process we use so colors come out saturated and vivid and are 100% color fast, no bleeding, fading, shrinking or pilling. 

Microfiber is a polyester fiber finer than one denier, which is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk. The smooth shape, micro size, and tight weave of the microfibers are selected for our fabrics because they have specific characteristics including: softness, toughness, absorption, and moisture wicking. 

We use both Microfiber and Cotton in the manufacturing of our products.

The Designs

I have a personal hand in every order that comes in to and goes out of my shop.  Many of our designs are a collaboration with talented artist from all over the world, but most of them are designed right here at home.  This allows us to have flexibility in the products we offer you.  If you see it in Black and want it in Red - don't hesitate to ask, it might just be possible! info@inkandrags.com

We are constantly designing and creating, our shop is evolving with every idea and custom request.  Please bookmark our page and check back often.

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Sincere thanks,

Saralyn, Owner/Designer