Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is included with your bedding?

A:  We offer both Duvet Covers and Comforters as well as 3 different sets which include Pillow Case(s), Decorative Pillow Cover(s), and or a Matching Luxx Minky Blanket.  Detailed Sets and Sizes can be found here:  SETS & SIZES

Q:  How long will it take my order to arrive?

A:  The short answer is, anywhere between 1-4 weeks here in the USA, and 3-6 weeks outside the USA.  Most orders arrive in 2-3 weeks, but ultimately the time it takes depends on how many orders are ahead of you, the type and number of items you order, and the exact location we are shipping to.  

Q:  Why don't you make a California King? 

A:  The California King Mattress is slightly longer and slightly narrower than a Standard (Eastern) King.  Because a California King will not fit a Standard King Bed, but a Standard King will fit a California King Bed, we offer the Standard Size for both.  

Q:  Why aren't sheets offered with your sets?

A:  We hand make all of our products including dying our own fabric in house.  The dye process we use is Socially and Environmentally Responsible, Fade and Bleed Resistant, but is not inexpensive.  To make sheets can be cost prohibitive for me to sell at a reasonable price.  With that said, if you have to have them... it can be done, feel free to inquire about a custom order.

Q:  Will your Duvet Cover fit my Duvet?  

A:  Duvet Inserts come in all different sizes, and each Manufacturer decides their own standard for sizes.  For example a Queen duvet may range anywhere from 86 x 86 to 92 x 92 or anywhere in between.  To insure the best fit, we recommend measuring your duvet, and selecting a cover that is within 2 inches of that measurement.

Q:  What are the ties inside the duvet cover for?

A:  We sew ties inside each corner of our duvet covers to secure your duvet in place and prevent it from shifting and bunching during sleep.  If your duvet does not have loops in the corners for securing your cover, you can pin a safety pin to each corner of the duvet, and tie the duvet cover to the safety pins.

Q:  What are your products made out of?

A:  The dye process we use requires polyester to maintain it's rich saturated color and fade and bleed resistance.  Our dyed fabrics are softer than most cottons, and are also wrinkle, odor, and stain resistant.  The backside of our bedding (or side you sleep under) is made with a 340 TC Sateen Cotton.  

Q:  How do I prevent the stuffing in my comforter from shifting?

A:  Our comforter stuffing is guaranteed not to shift and migrate.  Instead of cheap batting like our competitors use, we use a quality Down Alternative in our comforters.  The Down Alternative is evenly distributed among individually sewn boxes that are then sewn inside the beautiful exterior making our comforters completely free of sightly stitching and are double lined on the inside, which guarantees that they will stay puffy and down alternative evenly distributed wash after wash.