Boho Elephant Owl and Lotus Wall Tapestry


Our wall tapestries are the perfect way to decorate a wall in grand scale without having to paint, or invest in expensive wall art.  With three sizes to choose from, crisp prints and saturated colors, it's the perfect way to finish off any room.

Measurements are in Inches.

Medium Tapestry:   51 Tall x 60 Wide
Large Tapestry:  68 Tall  x 80 Wide
Extra Large Tapestry:  88 Tall x 104 Wide

Hanging Tip:

For best results, hang by using a single strip of double sided sticky tape across the top back side of your tapestry.  Once the tapestry is hung in place, simply tack town the two bottom corners using one small square of double sided sticky tape on each corner.  This method makes the tapestry easy to install, helps it to hang flat, and prevents tearing the tapestry and unsightly holes in your walls.

*Please check your tape brand for removability on your specific wall surface.